High-quality knitwear for women with limited mobility and senior citizens


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Style & functionality

classic, universal, diverse & inclusive sustainableig 


Like the stitches in knitting, KNITROSE connects people and their individual needs for warmth, comfort and quality with its knitwear

Sweater for women in need of care

Ponchos for wheelchair users and senior citizens

Special design

People in wheelchairs or with restricted mobility have very special requirements for clothing. Comfort and functionality play an important role. Knows through her experience in the care sectorOlena Kimova these needs exactly. Your KNITROSE knitted fashion enables easy on and off and the highest level of comfort thanks to its special design and refined details.quality 


The demands on the material are extremely high in the care sector. The KNITROSE knitting models are characterized by excellent quality, excellent workmanship and easy-care handling. KNITROSE knitwear is made from the finest yarn of 50% merino wool and 50% low-pilling acrylic in sustainable and fair production in Italy.quality 


The high-quality yarn mixture is particularly easy to care for, dries quickly and adapts comfortably to all weather conditions. Our yarn composition is soft and supple. All KNITROSE knitting models are characterized by high dimensional stability.quality 

good quality, easy to put on and take off

Nila, granddaughter

The sweater exceeded my expectations

Jutta, daughter

nice, relaxed and not so old-fashioned

Karin, bought a poncho for yourself

very convenient

Iwona, care worker

a gift for nursing staff

Lesya, home helper