Entrepreneur 4/2020:fashion for every woman

In her shop Knitrose, Olena Kimova produces high-quality knitwear for women with style and mobility impairments. After all, people with disabilities often have problems finding suitable items of clothing that are easy to pull in but also look chic. While volunteering in a retirement home, Kimova learned how difficult it is to dress people with reduced mobility. In addition, caregivers are often afraid of causing pain to their loved ones. The desire to help people led them to design beautiful, helpful clothing that is easy to put on and take off. The first models were developed in collaboration with nursing staff with a special cut and without traditional buttons. Instead, Knitrose works with snap fasteners that cause neither pressure points nor pain. Sweaters can be put on without having to raise your hands."Every woman has the right to look beautiful,"says Kimova,"even those who need help!"